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Univerity Of Otago Notes

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LAWS424 International Criminal Court Notes

These are the study notes I used to study for the open book exam on the International Criminal Court. The notes are comprehensive, and organised into the following sections:

The Creation of the Rome Statute and Ratifications
The Jurisdiction of th

LAWS444 Intellectual Property Notes

These are the notes I used to study for the Intellectual Property exam in 2012.

Note that the notes do not include any information regarding patents: I chose not to engage with that area in the final exam. The notes instead comprehensively cover t

LAWS463 Legal Ethics Notes

These are the notes I used to study for the 2011 LAWS463 exam for Legal Ethics. Ultimately how well you will do depends on how well you've prepared yourself for the exam, but these notes should help you along the way. They are comprehensive, and cover

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