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14 yrs

In Business
Univerity Of Otago Law Bundle 2012 Notes
282 total pages
18 purchased

LAWS201 Criminal Law, LAWS202 Law of Contract, LAWS203 Property Law, LA...

University Of Otago Law Bundle 2011 Notes
697 total pages

Advanced Company Law, Company Law, Evidence Law, Forensic Law, Insolven...

Advanced Company Law Notes
65 total pages
3 purchased

Full set of lecture notes, full set of crib sheets, and document descri...

Company Law Notes
33 total pages
17 purchased

Full set of 6 company law sections, organised by topic....

Evidence Law Notes
112 total pages
4 purchased

Full set of lecture notes in summary form, as well as a full set of cri...

Forensic Law Notes
16 total pages
1 purchased

One document containing a summary of the forensic law course (summer sc...

Insolvency Law Notes
48 total pages
10 purchased

Full set of class notes, as well as a summary of company liquidation an...

Intellectual Property Law Notes
74 total pages
1 purchased

Full set of class notes, as well as a set of crib sheets in both Word a...

International Environmental Law Notes
41 total pages
3 purchased

Full set of lecture notes for the semester, two lectures per week....

Jurisprudence Notes
40 total pages
3 purchased

Set of study notes organised by jurisprudence author....

Labour Law Notes
61 total pages
1 purchased

Full set of lecture notes, two per week....

LAWS201 Criminal Law Notes
90 total pages
38 purchased

These are the notes I used in the criminal law exam: time's very tight ...

LAWS202 Law of Contract Notes
68 total pages
35 purchased

These notes are a comprehensive guide to the material of LAWS202 Law of...

LAWS203 Property Law Notes
49 total pages
19 purchased

These are the comprehensive notes I used to revise the whole of Propert...

LAWS204 Public Law Notes
52 total pages
16 purchased

Full, comprehensive notes for LAWS204 - perfect for revision, and for a...

LAWS301 Law of Torts Notes
23 total pages
12 purchased

These are the notes I used to revise for the 100% full year exam for to...

LAWS 307 Law of Evidence Notes
55 total pages
8 purchased

A comprehensive summary of everything you need for the Canterbury evide...

LAWS 363 Employment Law Notes
56 total pages
7 purchased

Comprehensive notes for the final take in exam for LAWS 363 at Canterbu...

LAWS424 International Criminal Court Notes
47 total pages
9 purchased

These are the study notes I used to study for the open book exam on the...

LAWS444 Intellectual Property Notes
33 total pages
10 purchased

These are the notes I used to study for the Intellectual Property exam ...

LAWS463 Legal Ethics Notes
40 total pages
7 purchased

These are the notes I used to study for the 2011 LAWS463 exam for Legal...

Legal Foundations (LAWS110) Notes
168 total pages
1 purchased

The notes are from lectures and tutorials for legal foundations from a ...

Legal System Notes
7 total pages
2 purchased

My notes for the course aims to provide a foundation in the skills of l...

Legislation Notes
43 total pages

These notes include lecture notes, readings, law tutorial notes and ext...

Origins of Government Notes
71 total pages
1 purchased

These notes include information from lecture notes, answers to chapter ...

Property Law Notes
26 total pages

Note are laid out in a very easy-to-follow manner. The major components...

Property Law Notes
45 total pages
10 purchased

This is a summarized introduction to Property Law with accompanying cas...

Tort Law Notes
129 total pages
13 purchased

Full set of class notes, as well as summaries of key cases....

Tort Law Notes
368 total pages
1 purchased

Highly comprehensive notes covering all topics in Torts to the Person (...

Wills and Trusts Notes
78 total pages
2 purchased

Full set of crib sheets as well as class notes....

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