Why choose Legal Eagle Tutoring over Bloomsbury Law Tutors?

We’re not naive - we know that you have other options. We know how big Bloomsbury are. We know your friends probably tutor with them, or you know that guy who's been tutored by them, or your cousin's aunt's dog once met a Bloomsbury tutor at a party. We know. But consider this: choose us instead.

Or at least to try us out. We're just getting started at law tutoring, but we've been providing law revision materials for half a decade and we are good at it. We really think we'll be good at this too – we know law, and we know revision. And while Bloomsbury may be big, we have a huge reach - more law students are aware of us than any other student law website. In fact, with 400’000 unique visitors per year to our law pages alone, our traffic pretty much covers the entire law student population of the UK, meaning those most qualified to tutor you will find us, and those looking for a tutor like you will find us.

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With 400,000 visitors to our law pages every year, we're the UK's busiest law student website.

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How does it work?

It’s beautifully simple. We act as curators of an exclusive, hand-picked directory of exceptional law tutors - you either apply to join the directory, or apply to be matched with one of our tutors and we arrange the match, then back off. Tutees pay a one-off matching fee of £20.00 (NOTE: matching is currently free to celebrate our launch!), and tutors pay nothing - no joining fee, no admin fees, and best of all no commissions on any of the money you make by being an Oxbridge Notes Law Tutor. We’re offering something really quite different from Bloomsbury in that we are mostly a platform for finding the right tutor or finding tutoring work, rather than an entire supplementary law school. If you want a one-off service to cut through the swathes of potential tutors and find the right one for you, but you can handle it from there, then give us a try. Or if you’re a tutor who just wants to increase your chances of getting jobs and doesn’t want your earnings dented by commissions in return, apply now.

How are we different?

We’re simple, inexpensive, and contemporary. We offer a straightforward streamlined service for anyone needing a tutor or tutoring work in person whether you’re based in London or not. We’re also a great option for anyone who is looking to the future and wanting to work exclusively or partially online - we’re a web publisher first and foremost and conduct all of our business online, so we’re not just comfortable with you working from home - we actively encourage it. While some prefer to work in person (and we cater for those people too), for an increasing number of people, the extra time and expense of travelling to meet someone or the hassle of having someone in your home doesn’t compare to the ease and convenience of a Skype call or screen share lesson, which can be done in your PJs while sipping coffee from your favorite mug if that’s how you want to work.

And aside from anything else, giving us a try is a no-risk opportunity. For tutees, we have a matching fee refund guarantee if we can't find you a match, and a second matching free of charge if you're not crazy about the first tutor we match you with. For tutors, if you're good enough to be accepted and added to our directory, that's all we want from you. You pay nothing at all for the privilege of being a Legal Eagle Tutor, and you keep every penny of any money you make from tutoring jobs we land you. There is literally nothing to lose.

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Please note, your time is valuable to us so we have engineered the form in such a way that if you can’t find the option you want to select in a field it means we don’t have any tutors matching that criteria - either broaden your criteria, check back in a month, or drop us a line to see if we can work something out for you.

  1. First, full, or pseudonym - just so we know what to address you by.

  2. Please provide a current email address where we can send your tutor's contact details (and check the spam box if you don't hear from us soon - these spam detectors don't know a good thing when they see it sometimes!)

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  4. Just check the modules you require tutoring in - bear in mind that most tutors 'specialize' in the modules they excelled particularly at, so if you select a broad range of modules we may need to match you with more than one tutor to meet your needs.

    Of course, English law is standardized and so a tutor who knows their way around Tort at Oxford can tutor a Cambridge student in Tort without trouble, but if you'd rather a tutor from your home institution, let us know here.

  5. How do you want to be tutored? feel free to select more than one if you're happy to work in a variety of formats.

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